March 2, 2011 –

Add a “read on” link for long posts!

Here’s an awesome tip that will help keep our homepage nice and neat!

If you are working on a poem/story/anti-government manifesto that is ESPECIALLY LONG, (like: multiple pages), simply go to the point in your writing where you’d like the “read on” link to appear and click on the “Insert More tag” button (see image).  Everything above the tag will be displayed as a teaser, and a simple click on the newly generated “Read on >>” link will display the full work.

So now there’s no reason not to go whole hog: )

Feb 7, 2011 –

The new favorites feature is up and running. Take some time to go through and mark your favorite posts, this will help to populate the  popular menu (“the cream”).

And a tip:  when writing, hold Shift+Return to start a new line in the same paragraph.

Return will make

a new paragraph.

But shift+return
Will keep it tight 🙂


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