Lost Forest


A name was quietly erased today.

A name pulled from the records with no added explanation,

A name slipped away from our collective sub-conscious.

Illness gives way to absence, absence becomes prolonged indifference,

Prolonged indifference gives way to questioned existence,

A name is all that ties one to existence.

A name was quietly erased today.









Opportunity Cost

For a simple exchange, my good sir, you may buy,
A slick, polished future, with views from on high.
A seat in a chair so soft and so right,
When you get there you’ll never remember the fight.
Or the things that you loved that you missed on your way,
Up this hill where on top is that big, bright “Some Day.”

You’ve made a fine choice my discerning, wise friend,
For a much grander future awaits you in the end.
All I need from you now, to make best come to be,
Is to pay for your dreams with a low one-time fee.
It’s all waiting for you, so act now! Don’t delay!
Success can be yours!
…The price is today.


Miss you haiku

Jordan, come back home.

Those people are crazy dude

Rocky Mountain high

Portraits Age in Reverse

Here, explanation offered:
I, as memory, is only time.
Time only is memory.
As I offered explanation here.


Swing Set

The joy of creation,
can only be known,
against a backdrop of sedation.

The pains of the artist,
with too much to say,
are dulled through the mind’s masturbation.

* * *

The seasons turn swiftly,
seeds planted… some grow,
while others rot trapped in hard clay.

The life lived tomorrow,
so seductive and bright,
forever outrunning today.

* * *

Serpant selves shedding skins,
twice born in a day,
thin shells and old eyes never missed.

Once catching a glimpse,
of a muse waxing high,
pulling with it the tides of our bliss.