Miss you haiku

Jordan, come back home.

Those people are crazy dude

Rocky Mountain high

The Eastbound Haiku

What no one tells you:
Once off the ground, the earth spins
Away beneath you.

So it goes.

Does the wave question
Its own existence as it
Rolls back to the sea?

The Quality of Memory

Given enough time,

All things are rendered neuter…

Given enough time.


12:24 A.M.

I can’t sleep during
A thunderstorm; I’m afraid
I might miss something.


Lightning is the sun,
Breaking through the clouds to help
Guide those who are lost.


So much can be seen
By searching the silhouette
of a moonless sky.

9:41 P.M.

Highway reflectors
Pass by my tired eyes like
Twilight fireflies.

“Hey Guys, You Wanna Go To Elliots…?” (The Chris Haiku)

Martinis are not
Union made, goddamnit!  I
Need a tallboy, now.


May 1, 2011; Ground Zero …

The sweet scent of death.

Celebrate the end of fear

at public hangings!

Nursery Rhymes …

… Yet, what lessons learned?

Ten years of nightmares, and still

we hide behind flags.

Black Horizons …

Where did the sun go?

Black smoke rises from straw men

who preach in the flames.

Cold Mathematics:

Every time a child is bombed …

… terrorists are born.

News Review Haiku: 3/2/11

“Journalists Caught in Crossfire”

British journalists
Don’t say “Molotov Cocktails”…
They say “Petrol Bombs.”

“Parents Set Bad Example for Cell Phone Usage”
The Little Luddites

Technology is
Competition for children
Craving attention.

“Tunisian Protesters Continue Post-Dictator”

When trees fall, splinters
Stay behind.  No rest until
The ground is swept clean.

“Republicans Out to Cut Spending”

Easy solutions:
Blame teachers, blame unions, blame…
The teacher’s union!

Streets of Cairo

Fine. Let them eat cake.

Dictators look so foolish

When Hell shakes the gates.

History teaches:

What goes around comes around.

Raise the guillotine!

When the masses rise

Power collides, proving that

Even Pharaohs fall.

and the fingers pulse with weary impatience

Blood blisters glaze like
Silver dollars on the skin;
Trading flesh for cash

And the fingers pulse
With weary impatience for
A life of less pain