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Life is but a vapor,
As crazy as it may seem.
Go ahead and try,
Compete with eternity.

Time continues to tick by,
With every passing day.
Death – the ultimate equalizer,
Act now, don’t delay.

Seize the miracle of this moment,
Tomorrow is never guaranteed.
Dive head first into the infinite,
And become one with the sea.

Gazing at the stars…

…which will all burn out some day.

Many already have…

…yet light still travels our way.

Just like our sun…

…which too, will run its course.

Set aflame some time ago…

…like a blessing and a curse.

15 billion years young,
15 billion light years wide,
I try to wrap my mind around…
…everything inside.

What was before?
What is outside?
Is this universe part of me?
Or simply part of my mind?

Metaphysical maybe?
Oscillating perhaps?
Do parrellel worlds?
Require detailed maps… ?