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the shadows do the talking
looking at the begging glares
how strange the fallen’s cries
dug down with tar dug down with sound

restless fading tired flights
the day will come for time to bleed
restfull deeds they strengthen
drop down and smell the glow alone

new nights come and claim the calm
their eyes burst into flames
the path that shows the light
must pass revealing the shine

opened and exposed
clearer dawns have risen before
spent and hollow how we’ve grown

held up high the truths we’ve heard
caught between the falling eyes and thoughts again

wait no more for now you know
how to feel the breath of wise minds gone astray
hang up the look of emptiness
towards the sky
you see the future smile

as the lights go out
rolling visions hide low and silent
take some time oh how you’ve grown

awoken by the tone of what you’ve seen in the past
cut the time and drinks in half

how long will this last?