Opportunity Cost

For a simple exchange, my good sir, you may buy,
A slick, polished future, with views from on high.
A seat in a chair so soft and so right,
When you get there you’ll never remember the fight.
Or the things that you loved that you missed on your way,
Up this hill where on top is that big, bright “Some Day.”

You’ve made a fine choice my discerning, wise friend,
For a much grander future awaits you in the end.
All I need from you now, to make best come to be,
Is to pay for your dreams with a low one-time fee.
It’s all waiting for you, so act now! Don’t delay!
Success can be yours!
…The price is today.


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"thinayr" is the pseudonym for a collective of mice residing in low earth orbit aboard Brahma 1 – a highly classified government satellite attributed to the original MKULTRA experiments. Aided by cosmic rays and powerful psychedelics, the rodential crew of Brahma burrow to the limits of consciousness, beaming down their discoveries telepathically to randomly selected members of the homeless and mentally ill; who in turn relay the information to the rest of mankind via street corner soap boxes, bus station walls and this website.

One thought on “Opportunity Cost”

  1. As witty as every, and very poignant – this poem is a pleasure to read. It certainly resonates too, as I find myself wondering if it is me this poem it describing. Am I guilty of trading today for tomorrow? Am I sacrificing happiness today for some distant vision of a dream? Is this not what good poetry should do… leave the reader reflecting on his/her own life?

    Nice work.

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